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10-story hotel project headed for Koreatown

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200 guest rooms and 44 apartments

View of post office from the street Google Maps

A Koreatown post office at the intersection of Sixth Street and Harvard Boulevard could soon give way for a new 10-story mixed use project.

Plans filed with the city yesterday call for a combination of residential units, retail space, and hotel rooms to be included in the structure. The ground floor and second level of the building would include 18,000 square feet of commercial space, along with amenities for hotel guests. The next three floors would be residential and would include 44 apartments, while the five remaining stories would feature 200 hotel rooms. All of that would be built on top of a three-story subterranean parking structure.

The developer behind the project appears to be Urban Commons, which is also working on a major renovation of the Queen Mary, as well as a "bustling retail, dining and entertainment district" set to surround the vessel.

Koreatown’s development boom isn’t showing any sign of letting up, and though the area isn’t being overrun with hotels just yet (like Hollywood), they do seem to be popping up a bit more regularly. In fact, plans were filed in August for another hotel project just two blocks down the road from this one.