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New details emerge on Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza redesign

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The shopping mall will be transformed into a 24-hour community

Plans to revamp the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza into a huge 24-hour community have been in the works for several years, and a new environmental impact report sheds light on the details of the plaza’s impending redevelopment.

For the most part, the plans laid out in the report line up with previously released information about the project. However, as Urbanize LA points out, the new master plan dictates that the project’s two tallest structures have been given a small height reduction.

An office tower that would have formerly risen 145 feet will now end 10 feet short of that mark, while a hotel planned for the southern corner of the 43-acre plaza will has been reduced from 135 feet to 94 feet. In spite of that change, the hotel will still include up to 400 guest rooms—albeit spread across fewer stories.

Expected to be complete sometime after the opening of the under-construction Crenshaw/LAX Line, which includes a station connecting to the plaza, the project will add a combination of office, retail, residential, and hotel space to nearly every available portion of the property. Meanwhile, the existing mall and movie theater will be kept intact.

Developed by Capri Capital Partners, the big makeover will include more than 330,000 square feet of retail, 143,377 square feet of office space, 551 condos, and 410 apartments—along with the above-mentioned hotel rooms. Though the plaza will be eminently transit-accessible once the Crenshaw/LAX Line opens in 2019, the project also includes an abundance of parking, with 6,829 spaces. To be fair though, that’s 128 less than originally planned. Enough to encourage shoppers to take the train? Probably not, but we suppose it’s a start.