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LA looks beautiful from above in this first-rate drone video

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From the Hollywood Bowl to the harbor at Marina del Rey

Ah, drones. They may be Orwellian spy machines destined to obliterate any shred of privacy in modern society, but they sure do produce some lovely videos of Los Angeles. We’ve highlighted several in the past, and the latest production from prolific drone videographer Mingomatic is one of the best we’ve seen.

The video offers unconventional views of a number of LA landmarks, including the Hollywood sign, the Griffith Observatory, and the Hollywood Bowl. But the video also includes images of less obvious points of interest, including the boats moored at Marina del Rey and Frank Gehry’s iconic Binoculars Building.

Particularly captivating are the downward-looking shots above both city streets and the Pacific Ocean, as surfers catch waves at Manhattan Beach. It’s also fascinating to see the Grove from above, as the neatly maintained corridors of commerce are overshadowed by the rooftops of stores and parking garages, adorned only with haphazardly scattered electrical and ventilation equipment.

Then there are just plain-old good views of the city, which, partly due to its sprawling nature, always seems to look better from above.