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Revealed: $1.875M for a ritzy condo in Hancock Park

How close was your guess?

On Thursday, in another round of our Pricespotter guessing game, we asked you to guess the asking price for this grandiose condo in Hancock Park’s Faubourg St. Denis. The three-bedroom unit is owned by interior designer Angela Rich, who has spent the last 30 years collecting many of the extravagant items found throughout the residence, according to the listing agent.

We had a wide range of guesses, with a high of $2.3 million and a low of $1.35 million. The home’s actual asking price of $1.875 million falls neatly between those two extremes. J Yard is our winner this time, with a somewhat unconventional guess of $1.927 million. That was just $52,000 over, and since we don’t play by Price is Right rules, it’s the closest guess we received—though WithAView wasn’t far off either with a $1.795 million guess.

The best snarky comment came from enter ranting, who did not venture a guess, but noted, “I remember that bathroom from the end of Interstellar.” Indeed, the glassy, light-filled bathroom looks a bit like it’s jumping to light-speed, but it’s not clear how much that matters to the home’s overall value—and, anyway, we sort of like the effect.