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How much for this ritzy chateau of a condo in Hancock Park?

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A three-bedroom condo in the Faubourg St. Denis

Welcome to Pricespotter, Curbed's home price guessing game! The objective is simple: Take a look at this home and tell us how much you think it’s asking. Leave your guess in the comments, and please, no cheating.

What/Where: A three-bedroom, three bath unit in the Faubourg St. Denis

Square Footage: 2,154 square feet

Lot Size: N/A

Last week, we tried stumping you with our first condo listing, and this week we’re back with another—though this unit is a bit bigger and quite a bit more grandiose than the Hollywood penthouse we looked at last time. Located in the swanky 1928 Faubourg St. Denis building in Hancock Park, the roomy residence occupies over 2,000 square feet of the Normandy Revival-style structure.

The seller of the condo is interior designer Angela Rich, who is behind the unit’s lavishly baroque style. According to the listing agent, Rich spent the last 30 years collecting the many ornamental objects found throughout the home.

But, of course, those won’t be included in the purchase. More pertinent to the unit’s price are the 10-foot ceilings, triple crown moldings, and grand entryway. Other features include a formal dining room, updated kitchen, and large master suite with a rather spectacular glass and marble bathroom.

Amenities include a pool, spa, and subterranean parking structure. HOA dues? $1,150 per month. So, how much do you think this posh residence is asking? Let us know below.