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Metro might eliminate free parking at nine of its stations

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Get ready to pay up at Gold, Red, and Expo line stations

In what Metro says is a continued effort to crack down on non-transit riders using the parking lot at its train and subway stations, the agency’s Board of Directors is planning to move forward with the second wave of a paid parking program that got underway earlier this year. The Source says that at the board’s December 1 meeting, Metro officials will mull the next wave of stations where it will end free parking.

If the next proposed phase gets the green light, it will cost $3 daily to park at the following stations as soon as April:

  • Expo Line: Expo/Bundy; Expo/Sepulveda; 17th/SMC; La Cienega/Jefferson
  • Gold Line: APU/Citrus; Irwindale; Atlantic
  • Red Line: Universal; North Hollywood

The Source says Metro would also “have the option to later add fees at the Green Line’s Norwalk, Lakewood and Aviation stations and El Monte Station.”

Charging for parking is aimed at deterring people who aren’t using Metro from parking at the stations, says The Source.

Metro will charge relatively nominal rate for spots. The proposed pricing schedule shows the daily rate would $3 at most—50 cents less than a roundtrip ride on the Metro. (Monthly rates for drivers who get parking passes or drive carpools work out to less than that.)

Metro’s paid parking program started earlier this year with three stations along the Expo Line.