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Extravagant apartment building will have a robot butler

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Its name is Charley

In August, we heard about a new Santa Monic Boulevard luxury apartment building offering butlers, dog walkers, and Botox injections. Now it seems the extensive amenities list is still growing.

Called Ten Thousand, the building will also be staffed by at least one robot, according to a press release from developer Crescent Heights. Its name is Charley, and its programmers have taught the machine to navigate the halls and elevators of the 40-story tower to deliver “packages, meals, beverages, birthday cake, and flowers” to waiting residents.

The delivery robot, designed by futuristic tech company Savioke, can be summoned by iPad Minis given to each resident when they move in. The iPads can also be used to order drinks, reserve personal training sessions, and pay the building’s very hefty rent (units are now leasing and start at $9,000).

Roman Speron, Vice President of Crescent Heights, says Charley will insure “residents can enjoy more leisure time, from having a parcel that just arrived to getting a morning latte delivered via robot to their front door.”

Those worried about another instance of machines taking jobs from humans need not worry too much. Charley will be loaded up by on-site butlers before being deployed throughout the building. Why members of the 60-person staff can’t simply deliver items themselves is a question to be asked at a less upscale establishment.

With no shortage of luxury apartments in the LA area, developers are increasingly under pressure to provide tenants with the most extravagant amenities possible. So far, Ten Thousand looks like it will be hard to beat on that front.

Ten Thousand’s 75,000 square feet of amenity space includes a one-acre park, multiple pools and movie theaters, bar and restaurant, fitness center, tennis court, and a kids’ studio “inspired by the California workspace of Charles and Ray Eames.”

Moreover, the robot delivery service is just one part of the building’s new focus on technological sophistication. Residents will also have access to an ultra-fast Wi-Fi network, hands-free thermostat control, and in-house tech support for any old computer problem.

All that and Botox to boot!