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Notorious Comedy Store crash pad hits the market for $3.29M

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1925 Spanish Colonial once housed Marc Maron, Dave Coulier, and mounds of cocaine

A lovely Spanish Colonial right above the Sunset Strip just hit the market for $3.29 million. The newly remodeled four-bedroom, four-bath house at 8420 Cresthill Road offers spectacular views of the city from its multiple terraces. It also features vaulted ceilings and a private backyard.

But potential buyers might want to invest in some sage, or at the very least a blacklight, because the home was also used as a crash pad for an all-star list of Comedy Store alumni during the drug-fueled 1980s comedy boom.

A thorough history of the comedian flophouse is available on Buzzfeed, where many sources admit their recollection of the era is hazy at best. Here’s the short version:

As standup comedy was growing from fad to outright phenomenon, Mitzi Shore (Pauly Shore’s mom) purchased the Comedy Store from her ex-husband, and along with the building came this house on Cresthill Road. After a bitter labor dispute between comedians and management, Shore started putting comics up at the Cresthill home as a perk for being members of the Comedy Store family. Andrew "Dice" Clay, Yakov Smirnoff, Dave Coulier, and Marc Maron are among the many who lived in what would become a notorious party pad.

When the Comedy Store shut down for the night, the late night crowd used to scoot up the street to Cresthill, where guests included the likes of Willie Nelson, Robin Williams, Rod Stewart, and "a mountain of cocaine."

Maron told Buzzfeed that after eight months in the house, with all of the partying, he recognized he "was in mental trouble. I started realizing someone’s going to die, someone’s going to go down for real, and it could be me.”

Pauly Shore was the last comedian to call Cresthill home, and a lot has changed since the Weasel moved out in the late 90s. The home has shed its druggy grime. It's been replaced with a remodeled kitchen and bathrooms, massive walk in closet, and dark wood floors. A lower level with a separate entrance spans 1,500 square feet and boasts a partial bath and "chic NY loft-soaring ceilings," says listing agent Tori Horowitz, who touted it as a possible live/work studio or gym.

So, whether you’re looking to buy a tranquil sanctuary overlooking West Hollywood or eager to own a house where Sam Kinison once urinated on Marc Maron's, pounce on this bit of Hollywood history.