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Totally redone Highland Park bungalow asks $729K

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Built in 1912 on a street named for Harriet Beecher Stowe

If you happened to pass by this two-bedroom bungalow in Highland Park as recently as a couple years ago, you may find it hard to recognize today. After falling into a state of significant disrepair, the property was reconstructed and restored by Marco Domingos of The Eastside Collection real estate group, who says he worked to ensure the home retained the historical character of others in the neighborhood.

Constructed in 1912, the 1,050-square-foot residence features an open living room that flows into the spacious kitchen. Wide windows give the home an airy feeling, while French doors in the bedroom lead to a back patio and small garden area.

Perched on Mount Angelus, the home dates back to the early days of the neighborhood, which was developed by prominent Los Angeles progressive and suffragist Cora Scott Pond-Pope. The house is located on Stowe Terrace, which, true to Pond-Pope’s principles, was named for Harriet Beecher Stowe.

Imraan Ali, founder of The Eastside Collection, tells Curbed he thinks the home is “a great example of the beauty and satisfaction that comes [from] restoring and rebuilding instead of tearing down or quick flipping.” Asking price is $729,000.