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Trump protests: by the numbers

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Demonstrations against the president-elect have been sprouting up since Tuesday

Large demonstrations following the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States have occurred around the country since Tuesday, and thousands of Los Angeles residents continue to take their frustration to the streets. A massive march Saturday drew thousands of supporters, who marched from MacArthur Park to the Civic Center in a show of resistance to the inflammatory rhetoric and policy proposals of the president-elect.

As protestors continue to make their voices heard, drawing large crowds and shutting down major thoroughfares, we’re taking a look at the numbers behind these—dare we say—yuuuge demonstrations (sorry, sorry, sorry).

Marching down Wilshire blvd with thousands of people in protest today. Don't be silent.

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  • 11,000: Number of protestors LAPD estimates attended Saturday’s march
  • 3.5: Miles traveled along the route
  • 300: Amount of demonstrators gathered today outside the CNN building in Hollywood
  • Two: Lanes of Sunset Boulevard currently closed off by LAPD as protestors continue to gather
  • 228: Protestors arrested in Los Angeles since the election
  • One: Giant Trump head burned outside of City Hall Wednesday
  • 136,966: Votes cast for Trump in the city of Los Angeles
  • 638,068: Votes cast for Hillary Clinton
  • 4 million: Votes left to be counted in the state of California; Clinton currently leads in the national popular vote by about 600,000 votes
  • 4,000: Students who walked out of class Thursday. On Wednesday, 300 students at Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools left classes; the schools were built by LAUSD on the site of the former Ambassador Hotel—a property Trump once tried to redevelop into a skyscraper
  • 2-3 million: Undocumented immigrants Trump says he plans to immediately deport upon taking office
  • 2.5 million: Approximate number of undocumented immigrants deported by President Obama during his two terms in office—the highest number under any US president in history
  • 815,000: Undocumented immigrants living in Los Angeles County, according to the Public Policy Institute of California
  • 67: Days until Trump takes office

No longer interested in coddling those who oppose and mislead collective liberation. #macarthurpark

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