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Revealed: $719,000 for this Hollywood Penthouse

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What was your guess?

Yesterday in another round of our Pricespotter guessing game, we asked you to guess the listing price of this penthouse unit in the Residences at W Hollywood. Guesses at the price of the 1,220-square-foot unit were all over the place—largely thanks to somewhat gamechanging $1,518 per month HOA fees.

The lowest guess we received was $799,000 and the highest was $1.4 million. User beachwooddude simply expressed his wish that the unit would rot in hell. In the end, no one guessed quite low enough. Actual retail price? $719,000. Those big HOA fees might be driving some buyers away, as the condo has been sitting on the market for some time now.

That means the closest guesser was kteneyck34 with that above-mentioned guess of $799,000. Thanks to everyone for playing (and not cheating!). Come back next week for another challenge!