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A developer is naming this Hollywood building Epic

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Right across from Icon

Perhaps it was only a matter of time. With construction booming in the Hollywood area, and a building called Icon going up across the street, developers of a recently-approved 15-story tower on Sunset and Bronson have announced that the structure will be Epic. That is, Epic will be the name of the building, as Urbanize LA reports.

Here’s the thing. Epic is a perfectly serviceable word. It can be used to refer to a particularly long or majestic poem, or something very large and grandiose—or a David Lean film. But it’s also become one of those Swiss-army-knife terms that these days can stand in for nearly any adjective. A few decades from now, a glassy office building from 2016 called Epic could be as absurd as a structure from the 1980s named Radical, or a ‘60s mid-rise known as the Groovy Building.

We’re also hoping the building’s construction goes smoothly and that it’s immediately profitable, because if not, the “Epic Fail” jokes will never cease.

The name is also slightly ironic, or perhaps compensatory, as the building was proposed as an 18-story structure, but later was reduced to 15 stories after neighbors complained about the height.

Developed by Hudson Pacific Properties, which is also behind the Netflix-leased Icon tower, the Gensler-designed project is set to rise from the site of a 1.55-acre parking lot. It will feature 274,000 square feet of office space along with ground-level retail.