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Ed Hardy designer’s rustic Topanga ranch lists for just shy of $2M

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Complete with fake cows and horses

In September, a 1924 Spanish-style home left behind by fashion designer Christian Audigier after his unexpected death in 2015 hit the market looking surprisingly tasteful—by Audigier’s standards anyway. The late designer, known for popularizing the Ed Hardy and Von Dutch clothing lines, had five homes total in the LA area and another one has just come up for sale.

This time, it’s a seven-bedroom, five bath compound in Topanga. According to the listing agent’s office, the home was a favorite weekend spot for Audigier, as well as the site of his wake.

Under Audigier’s apparent direction, the property has been turned into an odd sort of faux-ranch—a bit like a long-lost section of Frontierland that somehow made its way from Anaheim to the Santa Monica Mountains. There are fake cows and horses, Mission-style courtyards and seating areas, and a wood and stone lounge with antlers dangling from the ceiling.

And there’s not much guessing as to who’s property this was. Audigier’s initials adorn everything from the chairs to the sides of buildings.

Other features of the home include a spacious living room, crowded but certainly complete kitchen, and a two-car garage. On more than three-acres, the gated property includes rambling walking trails, gardens, gazebos, and grape vines. Asking price is $1.995 million.