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Plans filed for futuristic George Lucas museum in LA

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Five stories with theaters and a library

George Lucas is still looking for a place to land his proposed Museum of Narrative Art, and having faced resistance to build it on Chicago’s waterfront and in the Presidio in San Francisco, he’s not wasting time on his proposal for LA’s Exposition Park.

He wants to park the museum on a strip of land parallel to Vermont Avenue, just steps from the Coliseum. Renderings of the design by Chinese architect Ma Yansong were unveiled Thursday—a futuristic building that looks like a Star Wars spaceship. On Monday, plans were filed with the city’s planning department.

Those plans call for a five-story, 312,000-square-foot museum with exhibit areas, a cafe and restaurant, theaters, lecture halls, a library, and classrooms. The museum’s board of directors has also proposed surrounding the museum in up to seven acres of green space and offering parking for 1,800 cars.

LA isn’t a done deal, as Lucas hasn’t totally given up on San Francisco. The same day he released his Exposition Park design, he released a similar one for Treasure Island.

The San Francisco Chronicle got a good look at Lucas’ collection and wrote about it in August, saying “it may just be the core of a great museum.”

It includes an Arts of Filmmaking portion, which has storyboard drawings, set pieces, and costumes; original watercolors and illustrations from children’s books; paintings for Mad magazine covers; and Robert Crumb’s drawings of all 50 chapters of the Book of Genesis.

“Though movies will be shown at the museum regularly, film itself will not enter the collection,” the Chronicle wrote.

Time will tell whether Los Angeles will be home to the Lucas collection. Politicians in both SF and LA are gunning for it.