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Hollywood Sign tourists have become a problem for Beachwood Canyon business owners

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Apparently, tourism is not good for business

The fight over public access to the Hollywood Sign via Beachwood Canyon doesn't pit just tourists against some homeowners. There's another player: business owners.

As a new suite of videos from webseries The Millennial Project shows, business owners have their own issues with the heavy influx of tourists trying to get a peek at LA's most famous landmark.

Sign-seeers come in to the shops and restaurants to ask for directions and use the restroom but rarely buy things, says Patti Peck, owner of Beachwood Cafe. They're also using parking spaces in the commercial areas, because parking on residential streets is restricted.

At the same time, small business owners fear that further crackdowns on parking would "effectively strangle our business," says Peck, because actual customers would have no where to park. (The area has already introduced permit parking districts in a few places on weekends and holidays.)

In one of the video interviews, Gregory Paul Williams, who owns the area’s "main commercial building" at the intersection of Beldon Drive and Beachwood Drive, suggests the situation is getting so bad that property values are being affected.