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Big reveal: $1.35M for a technicolor duplex in Mid-Wilshire

How close was your guess?

On Thursday we asked you to guess the asking price of this wild and colorful duplex in Mid-Wilshire just south of the Miracle Mile. Commenters had a range of guesses, with a high of $3.5 million and a low of 5 cents (in case there’s any confusion, our Pricespotter game is not The Price is Right; it’s okay to go over). Several commenters were pretty darn close to the true asking price, but KosherLandlord nearly hit the nail on the head with a guess of $1.35 million. Actual price: $1.355 million.

This one was maybe a little tougher to appraise because it’s divided into two units and features some very adventurous interior design. Other factors, like the fact that the walls of the home include murals by longtime Universal Studios costume designer Jay Morley, Jr., are rather difficult to properly value.

Still, considering that several people guessed within a couple hundred thousand of the correct asking price, it seems we’ll have to up the scale of difficulty for next week. Check back Thursday for another challenge!