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Warner Music Group will relcoate from boring Burbank to ‘exciting’ Arts District

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Into the old Ford factory building

Is the Arts District is going corporate? Billboard reports today that Warner Music Group—whose labels include labels Warner Bros. Records, Atlantic, and Rhino—is relocating its West Coast headquarters from Burbank to the so-trendy-that-rents-are-too-high-for-artists Downtown neighborhood.

Billboard obtained an internal memo from CEO Stephen Cooper announcing the move into the old Ford factory, set to take place in early 2018. In the message, Cooper tells employees he, "wanted an exciting space that enables us to preserve our unique company cultures."

The factory building at 7th Street and Santa Fe most recently housed a creepy army of American Apparel mannequins, but it is being converted to hold about 254,000 square feet of creative offices, plus retail space. Owner Shorenstein Properties has said it wants "cool retail" on the ground-floor, not chain stores.

Buzzfeed had considered leasing the old Ford factory building, but backed out last fall, according to the Los Angeles Business Journal.