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You’ll have to pay to park at Griffith Observatory now

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$4 per hour

Park officials have been trying for a year now to come up with solutions for the influx of cars and traffic at the Griffith Observatory that would satisfy visitors and neighbors alike. They've come up with a final plan, and with it comes the end of free parking.

The plan, approved by the Recreation and Parks Department board in September, will be implemented sometime before the holiday season, reports the Los Feliz Ledger.

The big news is that it will cost $4 per hour to park in the main lot, and along West and East Observatory roads, and Western Canyon Road.

Free parking will still be available in a few auxiliary lots in the park, with free shuttles to and from the observatory. Revenue from the new parking fees will pay to run the shuttles, says the Ledger.

Other, and arguably less controversial, parts of the traffic plan include converting some streets to one-ways and boosting DASH bus service in the park.

It’s been a long road for the Griffith Park traffic plan. Originally introduced in January, it was expected to be voted on in June, but was delayed for further public input. Along the way, the plan shed a controversial proposal for a Hollywood Sign shuttle after concerns that pedestrians would be sharing narrow park roadways with shuttle buses.

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