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At $200M, the former Spelling mansion is actually a bargain...

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It’s a better deal than the Playboy Mansion

It was only two and a half years ago that the Fleur de Lys sold for a record $102 million, the priciest sale in Los Angeles history. Its asking price of $125 million seemed insane at the time, but there's a new threshold for insane: $200 million.

The $200 million mark is a tough nut to crack. A few have given it a go, including the Palazzo di Amore and Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion. In the end however, the Palazzo slashed its asking price to $149 million and Playboy Mansion settled for half when it sold in August.

A contender is the former Spelling mansion now owned by Petra Ecclestone Stunt, who recently listed the 56,500-square-foot mansion in Holmby Hills for $200 million.

The Real Deal makes the case the former home of Aaron and Candy Spelling might actually be kind of a bargain.

Looking strictly at price per square foot, the Spelling mansion is an even better deal than the Playboy mansion. Even if it were sold at the full asking price, the Spelling mansion would be valued at $3,500 per square foot. The Playboy Mansion’s $100 million sale put the value of that house at $5,250 per square foot.

After buying the 123-room home from Candy Spelling in 2011 for $85 million cash, Ecclestone Stunt began extensive renovations on the home. Five years and roughly $30 million later, the home now boasts a, "giant exotic fish tank in the study, a bowling alley in the basement and a spa with three hair stations."

Real estate insiders tell the Real Deal that when the former Spelling mansion sells, it will probably steal the title of most expensive home sale in the history of Los Angeles.

But not everyone is convinced it will hit the $200 million mark. Michael Nourmand of Nourmand & Associates predicts the home will "get something in the $150 million to $170 million range." Even at that price, Nourmand says there’s "no doubt in my mind it would still be the most expensive sale in LA."

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