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Here’s the rendering for eye-popping skyscraper planned at Pershing Square

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Get a look at the suspended pools

Developer Jeffrey Fish released this morning a rendering for the crazy skyscraper he wants to build at Pershing Square, right next to the building that houses popular rooftop bar and restaurant Perch.

This isn’t any old skyscraper.

As the rendering shows, glass lap pools would jut out from the top half of it, so brave swimmers could splash around while looking straight down and out over LA’s skyline. Among the views they might take in: a made-over Pershing Square. Theses types of floating pools are called cantilevered pools, and they have been built in homes and hotels in other cities for years, but would be making their first appearance here in Los Angeles if Fish’s project goes forward.

The suspended pools would hang from condos. Fish’s plan is to either fill the 5th and Hill streets skyscraper, which would rise 55 to 57 stories, with either 100 condos and 200 hotel rooms and 27,500 square feet of commercial space or just 142 condos and slightly less commercial space.

The rendering also gives us a better look at the "sky lobby," an open, communal deck area (with a traditional, non-death-defying pool) that would be level with the top of the building next-door. Floors of condos would rise from stilts above the deck. It looks like some of the condos will be offset. That, along with the dangling pools, give the building, as Urbanize LA has noted, too, a kind of Jenga-look.

Pershing Square

532 S. Olive St., Los Angeles, CA