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Frank Sinatra’s desert hideaway is back on the market

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For $3.9 million

Frank Sinatra commissioned this groovy compound in 1967 for when he really wanted to get away from it all. By that time, Ol' Blue Eyes already owned a spread in Rancho Mirage, right on the edge of a country club that he used, according to WNYC, "as a base, between his excursions to other homes and cities, until almost the end of his life."

But this property, put up for sale this week by its second-ever owner, is far more secluded. It's positioned at 4,300 feet "high above the Coachella Valley, Palm Desert and Palm Springs," according to the listing.

The owners, who have tried to sale at least two other times in the past five years, have included an additional 2.5 acres this go-around, say listing agents Scott Palermo and Markus Canter. They’ve also chipped away at the price, bringing it down ever so slightly to $3.9 million.

In addition to 7.5 acres of land and privacy, here’s what else you get for that price: A main "midcentury modern, lodge-style" house with five bedrooms and multiple stately stone fireplaces, a guest home, a well and water tower, two saunas, a lighted tennis court and helipad.