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How much for this technicolor duplex in Mid-Wilshire?

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Guess away!

Welcome to Pricespotter, Curbed's home price guessing game! The objective is simple: Take a look at this home and tell us how much you think it’s asking. Leave your guess in the comments, and please, no cheating.

What/Where: A four-bedroom duplex (two bedrooms, two baths in each unit) in Mid-Wilshire just south of the Miracle Mile.

Square Footage: 3,338

Will buyers be attracted or repelled by the very outgoing design style of this Mediterranean Revival duplex constructed in 1925. The bright colors might be too much for some, but Hollywood history buffs might be intrigued to know that some of the home’s vibrant murals were created by none other than longtime Universal Studios costume designer Jay Morley, Jr.

The extra unit should help to attract investors, especially considering the building is vacant and ready to be rented (the MLS listing estimates the units could fetch $3,500 a piece).

There are a few things that might bring down the price: a recent (peaceful) death in one of the units and an unpermitted garage and guest studio. But will the building’s assertive Hollywood Regency style overcome these concerns? How much do you think this place is asking? Take a guess below.