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379 more residential units proposed for the Fashion District

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At Eleventh and Main

Rumblings of change are rippling through Downtown LA’s Fashion District. Just one week after plans were announced for a big 33-story residential tower in the neighborhood, yet another new development wants to join the fray.

Plans were filed Wednesday with the city that would transform nearly half a city block of one story shops in the fashion district into a seven-story housing development. A pretty impressive 379 housing units (the plans don't state whether they would be for rent or to own) would be built in the new housing complex at 1100 South Main Street. That’s just 73 units shy of the Fashion District’s massive 33-story residential tower planned up the street.

Of the 379 units planned, 11 percent of them will be allocated for "very low income" tenants. That’s roughly 40 new affordable units being added to the DTLA housing stock.

The entire development will sit atop a ground level parking lot, with three underground parking levels beneath.

Planning documents do not include any mention of retail space being included in the project, but Urbanize LA points out that it would be required by the Downtown Design Guide. Neither renderings, nor a timeline for construction are available at this time.