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Hot, dry weather will persist through the weekend

Highs in 90s

In a sure sign that it’s October in Los Angeles, weather forecasters say hot, dry, and maybe windy days are ahead.

Temperatures will start climbing 8 to 14 degrees today, peaking Saturday with highs in the 80s and lower 90s. Some parts of Los Angeles County are being hit with strong winds; the weather service recorded gusts Thursday morning of 33 mph in Glendale and 40 mph in Chatsworth.

Winds might pick up in central Los Angeles, but will only blow 5-10 mph.

These conditions bring an increased risk of fire, so red flag warnings are in effect in the mountains and valleys until Saturday.

"A cooling trend will bring temperatures back to near-normal Sunday into Monday, with additional cooling into mid week," says the National Weather Service. So save your pumpkin spice lattes for then.