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LA-themed art for people who love Los Angeles

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Hang these on your wall

Courtesy of Orange & Park

Maybe you’re new to Los Angeles, or maybe you’ve been here for years—either way, couldn’t your home use a little more LA love the walls? All of these prints are affordable ways to decorate your space and show your undying love for the city outside.

Here are seven pieces to jumpstart your home gallery:

Courtesy of Ork Posters

Ork Posters

One way to showcase LA’s weird and wonderful shape is with a typographic map of the neighborhoods. Jenny Beorkrem has been designing, printing, and silkscreening these maps for years (many imitations are out there). Her sunny orange print of LA is especially ... LA.

The names of Los Angeles neighborhoods stacked on top of each other. The alignment mirrors the shape of Southern California. Courtesy of Orange & Park

Orange & Park

Sometimes it’s hard to explain LA’s geography to out-of-town guests. You might need two typographic maps to really get the job done. This one, by San Diego-based screenprinting studio Orange & Park, hints at the shapely curves of the Santa Monica bay and its beach towns ($18).

Black ink print of the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood Courtesy of Ink + Smog

Ink + Smog editions

Ink + Smog editions makes prints of local, stand-out landmarks, including Randy’s Donuts and Grand Central Market. Its print of the Cinerama Dome ($50) looks beautiful and intricate, and in what other city would it be so OK to frame and hang a print of a movie theater? As a bonus, these prints come as greeting cards too, so you can send your LA love to your new lover, or anyone else.

colorful hand-drawn map of Venice Beach, California Courtesy of Tom Lamb

Illustrated maps by Tom Lamb (available at his Etsy shop and Skylight Books)

You can really feel the California love in Tom Lamb’s illustrated neighborhood maps—hell, he even drew a map of Fresno. One of his newest maps is of Venice ($25). Even if you don’t live there, this map is full of character—and characters.

photo of skinny palm trees against a blue sky Courtesy of Max Wagner

"Socal" by photographer Max Wanger

We’ve all been there. A line of perfectly imperfect palm trees against a dusk sky, and you can’t help but raise your phone and take the photo. Photographer Max Wanger just got a way, way better shot than you did. Wanger’s print "Socal" ($30) exudes California serialism.

circular wood clock where the top is cut out in the shapes of LA landmarks Courtesy of Mariko Carandang

Los Angeles wall clock by Iluxo

Iluxo’s city skyline clocks are functional and cool. We dig this interpretation of LA’s skyline ($39). And—gasp!—if you ever leave LA, you can always set this clock to Pacific time, wherever you go.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art poster

Artist Alexander Calder was busy before LACMA opened in 1965. He built the outdoor sculpture Three Quintains (Hello Girls) and he also took some time to design this graphic to commemorate the museum opening. Bright primary colors, a legend who’s not afraid to show her age...what’s not to love? To see the poster, click here—due to the rights of the Calder estate, we’re not allowed to include an image of the print—which is somewhat ironic considering this print is the least expensive on our list (just $13.50 for LACMA members, $15 for non-members).