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Hypnotic, musical sculpture that looks like storm clouds shows up at Disney Hall

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It plays original music and responds to movement

Plenty visually arresting as is, the interior of Frank Gehry’s Walt Disney Concert Hall has now been outfitted with a new public art project that’s already wowing visitors.

Titled Nimbus, the project consists of multiple sculptures in the shape of storm clouds, and it's outfitted with colored lights and speakers. It’s the work of Yuval Sharon, the LA Philharmonic’s first ever artist collaborator. Artistic Director of experimental opera group The Industry, Sharon completed the installation with the help of sculptor Patrick Shearn and composer Rand Steiger.

Shearn, who is known for massive art projects that have often graced the Empire Polo Grounds during the Coachella Festival, is also fresh off the installation of the very popular Liquid Shard sculpture that improbably made much-hated Pershing Square feel like a thriving public space over the summer.

KCRW reports that Shearn and his design team constructed the clouds from chicken wire and steel, using digital models to design the realistic sculptures.

The clouds are outfitted with 32 speakers that play music composed for the project by Steiger and performed by members of the LA Philharmonic. The compositions are interspersed with periods of silence and custom sounds that are triggered by the movements of onlookers.

The floating, luminous clouds have already attracted plenty of attention from visitors and will be part of a live performance October 29. In the meantime, the exhibit is free and open to the public.

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