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Hilltop 1913 Craftsman in Highland Park asks $799K

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Colorful and cozy

This three-bedroom, two bath Craftsman in Highland Park appears to have been well maintained since its construction in 1913. Perched on a hilltop, it offers impressive views of the city from wide bedroom windows and a pleasant back patio.

The 1,404-square-foot home has been outfitted with what looks to be a pretty fresh paint job and the festive kitchen is adorned with brightly-colored tile backsplashes. The living room and dining area, however, offer more traditional elements of Craftsman design, including hardwood floors, built-in buffet, and beamed ceilings.

The master suite has a very unusual design in which the bathroom is fully incorporated into the room, separated only by a large partition that serves as a bureau on one side and a vanity on the other. Panels of windows throughout the room keep it airy and open.

On a 4,799-square-foot lot, the property includes a small back house in addition to its spacious concrete courtyard. We expect this unit may be the music studio mentioned in the listing. Asking price for the cozy Craftsman is $799,000.