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Trendy bedding retailer Parachute opens Venice Beach hotel—with just one room

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It’s an “immersive experience”

Parachute bedding—a retailer of high-quality sheets evangelized by fashion and lifestyle bloggers—has transformed the loft above its Venice Beach store into a "hotel."

It’s called Parachute Hotel, but, with just one bedroom, the 2,200-square-foot rental looks and functions more like an Airbnb. The one difference might be that the space was decorated by professionals, Scott Horne and Peter Dolkas, using "Venice safari" as their theme. Parachute’s founder and CEO Ariel Kaye said they incorporated raw materials—wood and jute, for example—and a milky color palette with pops of green and blues inspired by the beach.

"We’re really looking to appeal to travelers looking to stay in a space as equally beautiful as the destination," she said.

The chicly furnished loft, which has a full kitchen, dining area, and one bedroom, can accommodate four people, two of whom must be willing to slumber on twin foldaway beds. It is available for around $600 per night, and a two-night minimum stay is required.

Kaye is calling the rental an "immersive experience," meaning guests get a feel for what it’s like to sleep in Parachute bedding and use its bath towels (the company made $1 million in sales via its website in 2014, according to Fortune). It’s like a liveable showroom. It’s definitely an extension of the brand. And not just Parachute’s. The hotel’s website has a section devoted to the artists, furniture-makers, and studios whose pieces adorn the space.

She says she wants to expand the hotel by adding more rooms, similar to a Hotel Covell in Los Feliz, which has five rooms. It’s unclear how soon that might happen. First, she plans to do research. Asked if she had to pay TOT taxes as a traditional hotel and Airbnb do, she said, "I have to double check. I’m not sure."

In addition to the carefully-curated aesthetic, Kaye is banking on location to lure guests. Parachute Hotel is located on Rose Avenue, nestled among independent shops and restaurants and walking distance to the beach.

"I love the community, the food, the people. It really feels like a neighborhood. You run into you neighbors at the coffee shop," she said. "We’re surrounded by health food stores, juice bars, yoga studios, as well as places to eat all of the carbs, like at Rose Cafe, which has fresh-baked bread. If you’re going to eat bread, it should be baked in front of you."