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New 7-story residential project planned just west of Downtown

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The area is really blowing up right now

Fans of City West’s lower-slung, slightly grittier Downtown LA vibe should enjoy it while they can; the neighborhood may soon be all but unrecognizable, given the rapid pace of development in the area.

The latest project is a seven-story mixed use project with 220 residential units, 7,500 square feet of ground level commercial space, and a parking garage. Plans filed with the city earlier today are a bit vague, but they do indicate that amenities for residents are likely to include open space, a pool, and a jacuzzi.

Planned for what’s now a parking lot at the intersection of Beaudry and Second (directly adjacent to the freeway), the development will be just a few blocks from Geoffrey Palmer’s enormous Ferrante project. Meanwhile, further south, a number of other major projects are in the works. These include a 36-story apartment tower with detached hotel, a pair of six-story buildings with a combined 606 residential units, and a 26-story, 241-unit tower proposed in June.