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Chinese Theatre famous handprints no longer blocked—'Bette Davis can finally rest in peace!'

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Photo-op restored

After a social media outcry over the weekend, a number of merchandise carts at the TCL Chinese Theatre have been removed from the famous forecourt, where they were covering up the handprints, footprints, and signatures of several Hollywood luminaries.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the courtyard area in front of the theatre is now clear of vendor stalls, though theatre management has not offered any comment on why they decided to remove the souvenir stands or whether they will at any point return.

The uproar over the placement of the carts began Friday, when the Vintage Los Angeles Facebook group posted a photo of a merchandise stall placed next to the handprints of Bette Davis. According to the post, carts in the forecourt were obscuring the handprints and signatures of classic film stars like Jean Harlow and Lana Turner.

That post attracted hundreds of comments, and a petition was quickly launched to have the carts removed. As of today, it’s garnered nearly 2,700 signatures, and Chinese Theatre management seems to have responded to its demand to clear the forecourt.

Vintage Los Angeles organizer Alison Martino took to Facebook to celebrate the removal of the vendor carts, noting that "Lana Turner and Bette Davis can finally rest in peace!"

VICTORY!! The carts are gone!!!! Thank you to everyone who shared the petition!! I'm here now and the forecourt is...

Posted by Vintage Los Angeles on Monday, October 3, 2016

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