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Very colorful midcentury modern in Glendale asks $769K

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Festive and retro

As far as we can tell, this three-bedroom, two bath home in Glendale is not licensed as a vintage store, but you’d never know it from the listing photos. Last sold in 2014, it’s either been worked over by an aggressively period-focused interior stager, or the current owners have, shall we say, a thing for the postwar era.

If you’re going to load up on midcentury paraphernalia, this brightly colored home, originally constructed in 1950, seems like a pretty good place to do it. The 1,845-square-foot home features a very outgoing design, with a sharp-angled roof and front entrance, large panels of glass, and metallic ornamental features throughout. The listing description even goes so far as to describe the home’s look as "Googie."

Recently updated with a new roof, HVAC system, and drought-tolerant landscaping, the home also features a step-down living room, second-level master suite, and sliding glass doors that lead to a spacious outdoor patio behind the home. The retro kitchen is complete with dramatically angled cabinetry and an era-appropriate stove. More modern appliances, including a dishwasher and washing machine, are cleverly concealed behind wood paneling. Asking price for this Hanna-Barbera-ish blast-from-the-past is $769,000.