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There's a new plan for Studio City's contentious LA River-adjacent golf course

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An updated proposal includes keeping tennis and golf on the property, but still adds housing

Studio City’s Weddington Golf and Tennis has been a controversial site for years, with owners trying to build housing on the 16-acre property to help bolster profits and many neighbors pretty solidly hating that idea (many were hoping the course could become a park). But a newly proposed configuration for the site does include residential.

The housing component would be on a smaller segment of the total property than proposed earlier. The rejiggered plan also preserves and upgrades the tennis and golf facilities, according to a filing with the department of city planning.

Aaron Green, a representative for the site’s owners, the Weddington family, and for the project, tells Curbed the tweaked plan would keep tennis and golf facilities on the site (previous versions had not), while constructing 200 apartments (not for seniors-only as planned before) in a 41-foot-tall structure on "less than a quarter" of the total property, instead of half of it.

The property would also gain new paths and access points to the Los Angeles River, which borders Weddington to the south.

There would be some changes to the elements that remain. Right now, Weddington has a nine-hole golf course and 16 tennis courts. Redevelopment would reboot for the golf element—adding sand traps, redoing and reconstructing the course to make it a little more exciting for users, Green says. The driving range would keep all 24 of its existing lanes, while the tennis offerings would be reduced to eight courts, but those courts would be new. There would also be a couple new pickleball courts.

There would be 500 parking spaces for tenants, plus another 113 underground spots for visitors playing golf and tennis.

Green said filing updated plans with the city is, "The first step toward reactivating a conversation with neighbors," many of whom have been opposed to building any sort of housing. For years, they’ve wanted to put a wetlands park on the riverfront site. In 2014, the property owner said, "If you pay us for the value of the property, we'll go."

Apparently neighbors haven't come up with the cash.

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