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This is one of the umpteen new hotels coming to Hollywood

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A rooftop bar and new restaurants

Astonishingly, there are about 15 hotels planned or under construction right now in Hollywood. A new Environmental Impact Report report offers new details on the design and features of one of those forthcoming towers — it’s proposed at 1717 North Wilcox, just steps from the tourist trap that is the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

If plans are approved, the hotel would replace a parking lot with 134 guest rooms and 3,580 square feet of restaurant space, topping out at 89 feet with a “transparent architectural roof feature that would include translucent photovoltaic panels.” And to address your paramount concerns: Yes, there will be parking (104 spaces) and a rooftop bar.

We’re usually eager to share renderings, but these are fuzzy. So we’ll note here that plans call for a contemporary design with materials that include terra cotta, plaster, glass, metal, and tile. They also say, there will be “openings through the building for terraces that would include seating and landscaping.” Try to see for yourself: