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Los Angeles looks as dreamy as ever in this week's best photos

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LA, you're a babe

From its ocean sunsets to its eclectic architecture, Los Angeles is the perfect canvas for photographers, amateurs and professionals alike. Each Friday we'll highlight some of the best shots of the city, as captured through your lenses, in a series titled, "LA, You're a Babe."

We combed through Instagram, and from shots of the Lake Shrine Meditation Gardens in Pacific Palisades to the Watts Towers to Murphy Ranch in Rustic Canyon, here are our 11 picks for the best photos taken this week:

‍♀️#ExploreMore . Photo by @tsztime #regram

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Getting lifted in Malibu Colony #happyhumpday

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I'll never pass up good signage

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Greystone Mansion #vackerpark #beverlyhills #losangeles

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This is real life. #Losangeles #igers_la

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Walking meditation

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Trying to find some light myself

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Murphy Ranch Barn Considered Structurally Unsafe by Will Rogers State Park ⚠️ - New development ⚠️ There has been a warning sign added to the barn. It reads "DANGER unsafe structure KEEP OFF" Check @chillyourpanties second most recent post to see the sign. - *Barn can still be visited, but stay safe.* Day by day the barn becomes more dilapidated, it is natural considering how long this building has been exposed to the elements. Stay out and stay safe, but it may soon be the last opportunity to see the historic barn before it collapses on itself. - How to find the barn: Use the same trail you used to find the Powerhouse. And head up the Canyon in a north direction away from the powerhouse. Additionally you can take the Sullivan Fire Road all the way down (skipping the stairs) to the barn.

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