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Architecture firm Johnson Fain plans mixed use project above Cornfield Park

That’s the second development proposed for the area this week

Wow, a little bit of recycled sewage goes a long way! Now that treated wastewater from Glendale is helping the grass grow at Cornfield Park (formally, the Los Angeles State Historic Park), plans for new development projects are suddenly pouring into the planning office. Coincidence? Maybe. But a park with grass instead of dirt will probably be a bit more visually appealing to residents of these new developments.

The latest project is a mixed use structure at 1201 N Broadway—directly across the street from the seven-building complex formally proposed earlier this week. Plans filed with the city Wednesday show that the building will include 124 units of housing and 8,691 square feet of ground floor commercial space. Parking will be located in a below-ground garage.

To make way for the new project, the office building on the site now will be demolished. It appears that particular building serves as the offices of prolific local architecture firm Johnson Fain—listed as the project applicant.

The Chinatown area is certainly a hub of development lately, and it seems the firm may be jumping at the opportunity to put its 25,000-square-foot base of operations to more lucrative multifamily use.