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Trump's smashed-up Hollywood Walk of Fame star will be repaired 'immediately'

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A vandal took a sledgehammer and pick-ax to it

Hollywood Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Leron Gubler says Donald Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame will be repaired "immediately," after it was smashed up this morning by a vandal using a sledgehammer and pick-ax.

The chamber awards the stars, and Gubler says it's working with police to track down a suspect and "prosecute to the full extent of the law"—something he said would be done if any of the stars on the Walk of Fame had been defaced.

Deadline Hollywood says Trump's star was destroyed before sunrise this morning "by a man dressed as a city construction worker ... in what looks to be a Tinseltown first."

The star-smasher told Deadline he had wanted to remove the star entirely "to auction it off next month in New York to raise funds for the women who have recently come forward to accuse Trump of sexually assaulting them over the decades."

Trump’s star is on the northwest corner of Hollywood and Highland, in front of the shopping center named for the intersection. It’s usually a busy location, but Deadline says in the early morning hours, there were few people out and the vandal "attracted little attention."

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Trump's star will be repaired "immediately," but because of the way the stars are made, it will require "several days of seasoning" before it can be polished and unveiled anew. Time will tell how long it will remain intact before it's defaced again.

In July, someone erected a tiny, mocking wall around Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And, in June, a mute symbol was painted over the star.

Anyone can nominate a person for a star on the Walk of Fame. Once a nominee is approved by the Chamber of Commerce, that nominee must pay a $30,000 "sponsorship fee," and promise to attend the unveiling ceremony for their star.