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7-building complex would bring 920 apartments to very skinny lot along Gold Line

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Just above Cornfield Park

A very long, very narrow, and mostly vacant parcel of land north of the Chinatown Gold Line station could be developed into a seven-building complex offering housing and retail.

Plans filed with the city Tuesday call for 920 apartments, including 17 live-work units, along with 21,406 square feet of commercial space. The massive project will include more than 1.1 million square feet of floor area.

The skinny strip of land on which the project is planned runs directly alongside the Gold Line tracks as they pass the Los Angeles State Historic Park (aka Cornfield Park). With any luck, by the time the proposed project is complete, the park's much-delayed overhaul will be complete and views of the park will help to make up for the sound of passing trains for future residents.

As Urbanize LA reports, the project has been much-expanded since an earlier version was proposed in 2005. Those plans were proposed by the same developer, Steve Riboli, who owns the nearby San Antonio Winery. They called for just 300 units—some of them in the historic Capitol Milling Building at the southern end of the parcel. It’s not clear what the future holds for that particular structure in this iteration of the plans.

Meanwhile, the State Parks department is trucking recycled water from Glendale to help get the newly planted grass growing at Cornfield Park.