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1927 charmer in Glendale’s Adams Hill is trendy and timeless for $789K

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Great views and a pool to boot

Located in Glendale’s cool, hilly, and and aptly named neighborhood of Adams Hill, this 1927 house with a cottage-meets-Spanish feel to it has been recently rebooted to draw attention to its more timeless elements—beamed ceilings, "original French casement windows," and great vistas—and leave it a bit more "on trend."

In the living room, there’s a stone fireplace and a step-down section set up as a library area with built-in shelves. The kitchen has tile walls above the counter and deep denim-colored cabinets.

The two-bedroom home has just one bathroom, redone in cool gray tiles. Both bedrooms appear to comfortably fit a queen bed, and they have tall, paned windows to keep the rooms full of natural light.

If only there were an extra room, away from the main house, where someone could work. Oh, but there is: The house’s driveway can fit three cars, says the listing copy, so the two-car garage is a flexible space—it’s currently set up as an office.

The dwelling’s yard is prepared for the urban gardener, outfitted with "a sustainably designed self-watering hillside garden plot." Not much of a gardener? There’s also a pool.

The house is listed for $789,000.