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Map shows which way voters across LA are leaning

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(They’re voting for Hillary Clinton)

Apartment search website RentHop has mapped out voter preferences in LA County based on political contributions in each zip code and the results aren’t terribly shocking. There’s not a lot of love for Trump in the Democratic stronghold of Los Angeles. The Republican nominee seems to enjoy a bit more support in areas outside the city, closer to the Inland Empire and Orange County.

Overall, Hilary Clinton dominated donor share numbers in just about every zip code between the LA River and the Santa Monica Bay. The only major exception is the 90304 zip code in unincorporated Lennox. The community is shaded bright red on the map to indicate that Trump donors outnumber Clinton donors five to two in the area—as in, five people donated to Trump and two to Clinton.

Other zip codes have a lot more donors, particularly those on the Westside, where Clinton still maintains a big lead on Trump in both the total number of donors and overall money raised. In the 90049 zip code alone (containing Brentwood), Clinton has 849 donors to Trump’s 83 and has collected almost $1.4 million from local residents.

Countywide, Clinton’s campaign has raked in $26.17 million from 24,735 donors. Trump’s numbers pale in comparison. He’s raised $1.825 million from 5,754 donors.

Third party candidates haven’t been terribly successful with LA voters this election season. Just 155 donors have given to Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, and even less have made contributions to Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

Eleven people total have donated to independent candidate Evan McMullin, who, we have to admit, we hadn’t heard of before. The former CIA agent is inexplicably contending in the state of Utah this year, but apparently has some ground to cover in California.