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Big reveal: $1.075M for this 1902 Victorian in Pasadena

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Were you close?

On Thursday, as part of our Pricespotter series, we asked you to guess the price of this late Victorian-style house in Pasadena. Apologies to anyone who's been in suspense since then, but we're now back with the answer.

The four-bedroom, two bath residence was constructed in 1902 and was the longtime residence of Pasadena NAACP president Ruby McKnight Williams. That tidpit not only gives the home a bit of extra character, but as the listing notes, could help it qualify for helpful Mills Act tax benefits.

Actual retail price for the 2,524-square-foot-home? $1.075 million. That falls comfortably within the range guessed by midcityjuan, who proposed the price would be between $1 million and $1.1 million. Still, guessing a range seems a bit unfair, so we're prepared to declare brianmojo, who guessed "$1.1 million for fun," as the winner. Only $25 grand over. Not bad.

Thanks for playing, and join us Thursday for another round.