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Dream Hotel developer wants to add some ‘charm’ to a Hollywood alley

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With cobblestones—how cute!

David Kuperberg, the chief development officer for Dream Hotel, which is opening a Hollywood location on Selma near Caheunga, says in an interview with The Real Deal that he’s going to reinvigorate an alley where the public can access its bars and eateries.

“It will look like a bazaar and feel like a whole separate neighborhood,” he said. “All the food and beverage is accessed through the alley, so it’s a place for people to congregate. We are bringing in cobblestones and will make it charming.”

Perhaps Kuperberg is taking a page from Melbourne, Australia, a city that was reenergized by adding restaurants, bars, and shops to its cobblestone “laneways.”

Dream Hotel’s Hollywood outpost is scheduled to open in 2017. Kuperburg tells The Real Deal it will have two restaurants on-site, including Tao. In fact, he wants to provide so many options for guests that they never leave: “Someone could come stay with us and never have to leave the premises. They can go to our food and beverage outlets, to our club and bars, and then for late night pizza and never have to leave the hotel.”

For the full interview, head over to the Real Deal LA.