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Small lot development brings 12 sleek homes to Mid-City

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Priced from $950,000

Sprouting up from Mid-City, just south of Venice Boulevard on Redondo Boulevard, is a new small lot development called Vue. Pronounced “view,” it lives up to its moniker. These 12 homes—each of which span 2,000 square feet on three levels—tower over pretty much every other building in the neighborhood and look out to the Downtown skyline and Hollywood hills.

The subdivision was carved from a site once filled by a single 1916 Craftsman. Listing agent Coley Laffoon, who helped develop the homes, said the prior owner had kept goats, chickens, and dogs on the land where these sleek buildings now stand.

The trimmings include rooftop decks, quartz countertops, and floor-to-ceiling windows made to look like Japanese lanterns.

Prices start from $950,000 and top out at $1.075 million.