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How much for this Pasadena Victorian?

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What do you reckon?

Welcome to Pricespotter, Curbed's home price guessing game! The objective is simple: Take a look at this home and tell us how much you think it’s asking. Leave your guess in the comments, and please, no cheating.

What/Where: A four-bedroom, two bath home in Pasadena

Square Footage: 2,524 square feet

Lot Size: 8,764 square feet

Let’s see what we have here. Located just a half-mile from the Rose Bowl, this 1902 Victorian-ish residence looks to be in pretty good shape these days, with recently updated plumbing, electric, and central air. The kitchen has also been made over with new stone countertops and a farmhouse sink.

Other features include a large dining area, living room fireplace, hardwood floors throughout, master bathroom updated with new shower and clawfoot tub, and a very nice sitting area behind the kitchen lined by large window panels. Behind the house is a sizable yard and two-car garage.

As the listing agent notes, the home also carries some historic significance as the longtime residence of local civil rights leader Ruby McKnight Williams. The former president of the Pasadena branch of the NAACP, Williams lived in the house until she was 104.

The question is: how much is this home asking? It’s been on the market for some time now, but the price has very recently changed. Can you tell us what it is? (Without cheating obviously; that should go without saying)