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Another LAX terminal gets a flashy makeover

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Nearly two dozen new stores and dining options

This article was updated at 7:54 a.m. October 20.

LAX’s Terminal 6 officially reopened today after a swanky $70.5-million makeover "inspired by L.A.’s iconic Sunset Boulevard.

As part of the revamp, 21 new eateries and shops were added to the terminal—which serves Alaska, American, and Great Lakes Airlines, as well as Copa Airlines's departures. There are now three sets of restrooms, gleaming terrazzo floors, and 21 new eateries and shops.

An announcement from Los Angeles World Airports and Westfield says:

The new terminal experience is organized by interconnected neighborhoods that guide travelers on their journey. After passing through the TSA checkpoint, travelers initially encounter a Downtown L.A. vibe. This neighborhood feels like an urban street, complete with concrete walls and metal finishes.

Panned as a 20-month project, the project delivered ahead of schedule and under budget, the announcement says.

Terminal 6 is the second terminal that Westfield has redone this year. Terminal 2, which opened in February, was the first (and slightly pricier).

Correction: Due to inaccurate information provided by Westfield, an earlier version of this article misstated which airlines are housed in Terminal 6.

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