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Netflix is expanding in Hollywood with a move into historic Sunset Bronson Studios

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The company leases several sound stages next door to its under-construction new offices

Netflix is still preparing to move into the under-construction Icon Tower on Sunset Boulevard, but has nonetheless already decided to expand its operations into the Sunset Bronson Studio space next door.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix has signed a 10-year lease with Hudson Pacific Properties for use of several sound stages at the studio. The real estate company is developing the 14-story Icon Tower that Netflix will likely begin occupying next year.

Originally constructed in 1919 as the home of Warner Brothers, the studio was the site of production on the very first talkie, The Jazz Singer. In 1977, it was designated as a Historic-Cultural monument. Today, the complex is best known as the base of operations for KTLA.

By renting multiple stages at the studio, Netflix is conspicuously—and somewhat ironically—growing its presence in the Hollywood area. The digital upstart that disrupted the major film studios is now growing its media empire in the very part of town that gave rise to the studio system in the first place.

The Reporter notes that Netflix has already begun shooting its new original series Girl Boss on one of the stages.