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First look at Westfield’s huge new project planned for Warner Center

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A live-work community spanning 34 acres is set to replace the Promenade mall

Last week, Westfield filed plans with the city for an enormous new mixed use complex set to replace the aging Promenade shopping mall in Woodland Hills. Now, the Australian developer has released new details about the project, which will bring 1,400 units of housing and two hotels to Warner Center.

The redevelopment is part of a wave of projects spurred by the new Warner Center 2035 plan, which was designed to reinvent the western Valley’s downtown as a more urban live-work community. In reference to the plan, Westfield is calling its project Promenade 2035.

In spite of the name, the 34-acre complex Westfield is proposing is actually a bit less dense than what was approved for the site in the 2035 plan. According to a fact sheet released by the developer, the project will consist of several low-rise structures clustered around the corner of Topanga and Erwin, with taller buildings planned alongside existing high-rises.

Plenty of open space will be integrated into the community, with a one-acre public square at the center and smaller parks and courtyards scattered throughout the grounds. Additionally, nearly every building will be topped with rooftop gardens and landscaping features.

The project site will also be opened up; new streets and thoroughfares will cut through the complex, integrating the community—essentially a brand new neighborhood—with the rest of Warner Center.

The complex will feature a range of housing options, from live-work studios to apartments to "luxury villas." In addition to about 1,400 total housing units, Westfield is planning to construct 572 guest rooms to be divided between two hotels.

One of the most intriguing elements of the project is a large "entertainment and sports center" with seating for up to 15,000 spectators. Westfield notes that the venue could be adapted to host " professional, youth and community sports as well as live music performing arts and speaker series."

All told, Westfield expects that Promenade 2035, which will also include more than 600,000 square feet of offices and 244,000 square feet of retail, will cost $1.5 billion. The developer plans to construct the project in several phases, with a timeline based on need and market demand.