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Revealed: $899K for a revamped Spanish-style in Mount Washington

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A few people hit it on the nose

On Thursday, as part of our Pricespotter series, we asked you to guess the asking price of this recently remodeled three-bedroom home in Mount Washington. At just over 1,300 square feet, it’s a little small, but it sits on a half-acre lot and includes a detached deck with some pretty impressive views across the hills.

We thought the recent remodel might throw people off the scent, but several commenters turned out to be dead-on with their guesses. All told, three people (midcityjuan, Lori Roby Beauseau, and Sasquatchsmasher) hit the $899,000 listing price exactly. A few others were close, with several guesses between $850,000 and $900,000.

That asking price is a pretty big jump from the $471,000 that the home last sold for, but certainly speaks to the extent of the renovations—which included a new roof, new flooring, HVAC system, and a makeover for the kitchen and two bathrooms.

WhatupPo, who was evidently familiar with the listing beforehand rightly pointed out that the house straddles the line between Mount Washington and Cypress Park. Since neighborhood boundaries in Los Angeles are always a contentious issue, we’re going with the borders put forth by the Los Angeles Times in its Mapping LA feature. We’ll try to stick to those definitions to stay consistent and give a decent idea of where in the city a home might be (we won’t be including addresses, since that could make cheating a bit too tempting).

Thanks for playing and check back Thursday for another challenge.