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Rick Caruso sued over his Downtown Pacific Palisades makeover

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Damaging debris and dust

Shopping mall developer Rick Caruso was supposed to be a knight in shining armor riding in on a white horse to revive Downtown Pacific Palisades. But he’s really let one local business owner down.

Distraught skate shop owner Erica Simpson is suing Caruso, claiming construction of Palisades Village is ruining her business, according to Simpson, whose store is called P2, alleges in the suit that construction is taking place six days a week, kicking up debris and dust that’s damaging her store’s goods.

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“While the future Palisades Village will undoubtedly afford its tenants an attractive atmosphere to sell their wares, Ms. Simpson will see her business destroyed by the construction being undertaken to create that shopping experience,” the suit states.

“As the operator of a successful Pacific Palisades store since 1999, Ms. Simpson has poured her heart and soul into P2, making it a recognized, respected and well-liked shopping destination with many loyal customers in the community,” according to the complaint. “She is witnessing the destruction of her livelihood.”

Caruso, who developed the Grove and Americana at the Brand, is building an outdoor shopping mall in the same style in Pacific Palisades. It will have eight new buildings, a park, restaurants, housing, grocery store, and a bank.