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This new underwater art show in Santa Monica is BYOS (bring your own snorkel)

An underwater exhibition

No plans this weekend? How about some cultural snorkeling?

Machine Project, an experiential art non-profit in Los Angeles, is putting on an underwater gallery exhibition in the pool at the Annenberg Community Beach House this weekend. And yeah, it’s recommended you go for a swim to see it, so bring a swimsuit and goggles or a snorkel mask.

Visitors will take in the submerged art exhibition from the water, swimming above and around sculptures, videos, photos and more. The project includes works from 18 artists, almost all based in LA.

Machine Project approached the artists with the premise of the Annenberg pool as a venue so the pieces were created to be submerged in the pool, said Meldia Yesayan, managing director of Machine Project.

The result is a very diverse and playful lineup.

Johnston Marklee, creators of the shimmering Maison Martin Margiela store in Beverly Hills, submitted an architectural model. A glass bottom boat by Bob Dornberger will ferry around non-swimmers. Another piece, made of ice, by Candice Lin might be completely gone by the time you visit.

The installation is as much about the art as it is about the venue, which is a common theme for much of Machine Project’s work, said Mark Allen, founder and executive director of Machine Project. The idea for Snorkel Dreamscame to Allen while he was snorkeling in Hawaii.

Glass bottom pool by @bobdornberger

A photo posted by Machine Project (@machineprojectartjamz) on

"I thought: this is kind of how I like looking at art—floating in a nonjudgmental space—and I started thinking about pools and how the rectangular shape and volume is similar to a gallery space," Allen said.

And like an art gallery, you’ll be looking at the pieces with other people. Allen says a significant aspect of Snorkel Dreams is not just the art and the water, but the communal experience of swimming around the art.

"I’ve been doing this kind of work for probably 20 years and I look at art all the time, and yesterday I was at the pool for the install and I thought: I’ve never looked at art like this before, and I’ve never looked at a pool like this before," Allen said. "It’s a new experience for everyone: the pool, the artists, us [Machine Project], the audience. It’s neat when you can produce art for everybody. It’s literally like diving in to something new."

I’ve never looked at art like this before, and I’ve never looked at a pool like this before

Snorkel Dreams: A Machine Project Guide To Art Underwater is open for free reservations and walk-ins Friday through Sunday, noon to 6 p.m. daily. During the time slots, those with reservations will be invited in first, and stand-by guests will be invited in after.

Bring a swimsuit, goggles or snorkel mask, a towel and sunscreen. Parking at the Annenberg Community Beach House is $3. The venue is also accessible by the beach bike path and the nearest bus stop is at Entrada and Channel Dr on Big Blue Bus #9.

Participating artists: Andrew Cannon, Jessica Cowley, Bob Dornberger, Emily Joyce, Alice Könitz, Candice Lin, Becca Lofchie, Johnston Marklee, Jennifer Moon & Laub, Paul Pescador, Jennifer Rochlin, Suné Woods, Kim Ye, Patricia Yossen, Mallen&Gray, and Machine Project with Grace Eunchong.