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How much for this recently remodeled Spanish-style in Mount Washington?

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Any guesses?

Welcome to Pricespotter, Curbed's home price guessing game! The objective is simple: Take a look at this home and tell us how much you think it’s asking. Leave your guess in the comments, and please, no cheating.

What/Where: A three-bedroom, two bath Spanish-style home in Mount Washington

Square Footage: 1,329

This 1957 home has been completely redone since it last sold in April, according to the listing agent. The boxy residence is now equipped with new flooring, fireplace, appliances, lighting fixtures, HVAC system, windows, and roof. Naturally, the kitchen and bathrooms have been worked over pretty thoroughly as well.

It’s also now sporting an automated gate that opens to an extended driveway and large front courtyard with capacity for up to 10 vehicles. Behind the house, a short stairway and gravel trails lead to a detached deck with views across the hills.

At under 1,500 square feet, the house is compact, but it sits on a half-acre lot and features plenty of space for gardening or enjoying the scenic surroundings.

So, how much would you guess this thoroughly overhauled little home is asking? Tell us below.